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Take Your 
Mind & Body

To The Next Level

Small Group Coaching 
1-on-1 Personal Training
1-on-1 Mindset Building

Now operating from 200 Evans Ave


"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another"

Success stories


Registered Nurse

"Elijah is an amazing coach and has taught me a lot.

I came in feeling like nothing was ever possible and that I couldn’t achieve much. Until he started to push me and bring out things I never imagined of doing. There would be times that I felt very emotionally drained from work and having the support from Elijah helped me in my journey. It helped me change my mindset. Positive change. I continue to use the things he taught me till this day. All I can say is thank you"




“Training with Eli has been nothing but love! He’s going to make you an absolute boss!Whatever you have in you, he’s going to bring it out of you. He’s going to make sure you put in the work and put in the work with you to make sure you know he’s on the grind with you. For anyone looking to get set up with a trainer really look to get set up with Eli!”



Owner of Terry's Lash Bar

“As someone who has never worked out before I can truly say my experience training with Elijah has been a very positive one.

I have learned many things with his direction that I feel I would have never received had I simply walked into a gym and hopped on a machine.

We focused on the areas that I wished to improve as I quickly noticed a difference, so did others.

The training was catered to my needs and I definitely recommend him to anyone.”




"I started working out with Elijah to gain more flexibility and balance in my lifestyle. Although I get a lot of physical activity at work, I noticed that as I got older, my muscles were getting more stiff from doing similar movements everyday. Elijah changed that by motivating me and making me feel better about myself. I also discovered that working out made me feel like I had more energy throughout the week! "



student athlete

l1 soccer player


 "Elijah is one of the realest people I have ever met. He isn't just a personal trainer but a person who genuinely cares about every single client he works with. He didn't just help me reach my physical goals but pushed me mentally as well. He gave me that extra boost of confidence that a lot of people lacked to help me reach my goals. If you're someone looking to improve your well-being as a whole, Elijah is your man." 

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