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Mental Athletes



 I have been working with Elijah for a couple months now; he is a workhorse doing his own training sessions and he establishes the same with all his clients. I informed Elijah that I wanted to learn how to kick-box and would like him to train me. During my first session, Elijah had put me through a vigorous boxing circuit which I had struggled with. This frustrated   me because growing up as an athlete, I was not used to being unable to perform a particular movement or exercise. Elijah not only pushed me to my limits, he pushed me beyond them by training me mentally to do so. He had analyzed my movements and body in order to create a custom workout plan for me so that I could achieve all my goals. Within the next few sessions, are where I noticed a large difference not just physically but emotionally. I felt lighter on my feet, less stress on my joints and woke up with more energy than before. To see real results encouraged me to correct my diet and truly make a difference to my lifestyle. The most impressive thing about Elijah as a trainer is the research and passion he puts into his craft. Every movement and exercise he asked me to perform had a purpose to achieving my ultimate goal. He explains the reasoning for every exercise so I did them with pride and knowledge. In addition to this his passion instills you with a sense of joy and pride in your workout. Elijah wants you to succeed when you’re training and when your trainer believes in you then you will believe in yourself.



I started training with Elijah when I was probably at one of my lowest points. Training with him helped me out of those points. He helped me stay focused, grounded, and humble.  Elijah made sure I knew I was cared about and cared for my well being before any of athletic abilities. It was always mental then physical with him which really made a big business in my training. I reached plenty of goals and passed points I thought I would never reach. Elijah honestly is my biggest supporter especially when no one else is. He is a great motivator and teacher, positive and looking forward at all times. I have learnt so much.  

Goalkeeper training


D1 Soccer player

Member of Toronto FC Youth Academy

S/o my brother E!  Nothing but love and respect for E!  He the real deal definition of no limits.  If you wanna get right physically & mentally…he’s that guy. One session/convo with him and your perspective on everything will change.   So if you’re looking for change, you’re at the right place.








Elite Energy is a Godsend for me. I have interstitial lung disease and I have shied away from moving my body as I hate the feeling of being unable to breathe. The events leading up to my diagnosis has never left my mind, so I gained lots of weight which is very unhealthy in my situation. 

I’ve been working out with Elijah at Elite Energy for just five weeks. I’ve learnt how to breathe through my exercise, and about the mental barriers that prevented me from working are disappearing.I’ve begun to walk, run, jump and lift weights consistently. For me, this is not as simple as it sounds. It’s saving my life! Along the way, I’ve begun to tone my body and I know that I’m going too surpass my goals with Elijah. His talent for working your mind, body and soul has never been achieved with all the prior personal trainers I’ve experienced in the past. I now look forward to Wellness sessions with Elijah.

Training with Elijah at Elite Energy truly is an elite experience. During my training he helped me to realize that a lot of the time we set limits for ourselves that are much less than we are actually capable of. These sessions not only help improve physicality but also mentality.

"Get comfortable with the uncomfortable” is the most valuable thing that Elijah taught me. I battled with my own confidence for as early as I can remember and he taught me how to break through my shell at Elite Energy. His sessions resonate beyond physical activity. Elijah encouraged me to push my boundaries in all areas of my life including my career, physical abilities, mental health, and emotional resilience. The lessons and principles he teaches at Elite Energy can be applied to improve all aspects of your life. In hindsight, Elijah gave me tools to grow, be accountable of my weaknesses, and love myself unconditionally. 

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